The City of Ottawa is contacting you because a new Pedestrian Crossover has been installed within 2 kilometers of your school. On May 24th, the City of Ottawa began an education and awareness campaign to highlight the new Pedestrian Crossovers and we would appreciate your help in sharing this information with your staff, students, and their parents.

Pedestrian Crossovers are identified by specific signs and pavement markings, and vehicles (including cyclists) must yield to pedestrians at these locations.  Information such as what they are, how they work, and where they are located can be found on

Drivers/Cyclists will be fined $150 to $500 with 3 demerit points for offences at Pedestrian Crossovers.  Enforcement of offences at Pedestrian Crossovers will begin as soon as they are unveiled.

 The installation of the new Pedestrian Crossovers requires a significant change in travel behaviour for all road users to ensure a safe road environment for pedestrians at these crossings.  For this reason, we are making available to you the materials you may need to communicate the rules of Pedestrian Crossovers and the associated fines.

Attached for your use is an e-Poster that you can share to help promote awareness.  Brochures are also available upon request by contacting me by telephone at 613-580-2424 x13767 or by e-mail


Rachel Cere

Public Works, Stakeholder Relations


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